Clinch River Valley, VA: Clinch River Access Point Design Guidelines

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Clinch River Access Points Design Guidelines

The Clinch River Valley Initiative is an innovative, pioneering, and collaborative multi-year planning effort to build local economies in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia, focusing on the Clinch River.  The Clinch, one of the most bio-diverse river systems in North America, is a world-class asset based on its recreation opportunities, biodiversity, and the surrounding Appalachian history and culture.  However, the infrastructure needed to support visitor usage and enjoyment of the river is limited and has not been planned cohesively.  Such infrastructure includes the need for designed access points that include parking, landscaping, information kiosks, and signage.  It also requires a signage design aesthetic that incorporates the logo and branding design work of Arnett Muldrow, but creates its own branding of sorts, that visually tells visitors that they are visiting a Clinch access point.  This will create unified and consistent site design and signage throughout the Clinch access point sites that will alert visitors that they are on property related to the Clinch River.

CDAC worked with a stakeholders group to develop general design guidelines for the design of access points, create a design for the Cleveland access point as a pilot design, produce a design theme/aesthetic for signage, and generate design concepts for the various types of signage that are anticipated being on the access point sites (information kiosks, environmental education signage, directional signage).

Project Design Team: Jennifer Jessup and Harley Walker

Sponsor: Forest Competitive Grant, Virginia

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