Elkhorn City, KY: Trail Town Master Plan

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Elkhorn City Trail Town Master Plan

Elkhorn City is located in Pike County near the border of Kentucky and Virginia within eight miles of the Breaks Interstate Park. The city benefits from the convergence of multiple trails including the Pine Mountain Trail, the TransAmerica Bike Route along Rt. 80 that traverses through the city, the Russell Fork River blue trail known for its whitewater experience in the month of October, and the Great Eastern Trail currently under planning/development. As a result, the community desires to plan for development into what is known as a “Trail Town”.  The process involved a detailed assessment and plan for developing a community focused on trail users of various types. The community proposed to maintain an ecotourism focus by enhancing its green spaces particularly along the Russell Fork River that runs through the city, encouraging pedestrian access throughout the city, and providing more natural streetscapes that will invite tourists to stay and residents to interact within their community.*

The Community Design Assistance Center worked with the community to develop a conceptual master plan to guide them in developing the city’s green spaces and improving the streetscapes. CDAC also assisted with wayfinding through recommendations for sign design and locations. The community has identified these steps as important for maintaining the quality of life desired among residents and to enhance economic development with an eco-tourism orientation and focus.

Project design team: Jennifer Jessup, Gray Pieri, and Harley Walker

Sponsor: Southern Foresters, Kentucky

* Information from Application for Planning and Design Assistance dated 2/25/13.

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