Hazard, KY: Coal Miners Memorial, Pathfinders Greenway, and Various Parks Conceptual Designs

The City of Hazard is in a region that has been under economic hardship due to the fluctuation of the coal industry. The region’s population suffers from numerous health issues including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.

In order to help address some of these issues, the City requested the help of the Community Design Assistance Center on several projects including:

  • Conceptual plans to improve the community’s small pocket parks, most of which are over twenty years old and one over thirty, with plantings and other amenities;
  • A conceptual design for a greenway/bike path along the North Fork of the Kentucky River;
  • A conceptual design for updating the current City Hall Park including suggestions for improvements to the amphitheater and a planting plan for the site with suggestions for replacing the trees in the park along Memorial Drive;
  • Develop a conceptual design for a Miners Memorial at Triangle Park.

CDAC worked with city government officials and stakeholder groups to address these identified project needs.

Project team: Brad Davis and Harley Walker

Sponsor: Forest Competitive Grant, Kentucky/ City of Hazard

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