London, KY: Turning London Green – Expanding the Streetscape

The City of London, London Downtown, and the London Tree Board are looking to create a more pedestrian-friendly greenspace area throughout the City of London. London was recognized as a Kentucky Trail Town community in May 2015, with the trailhead being located in the heart of downtown. As part of that process different community groups are coming together to create an atmosphere to get people moving and exploring throughout their community.*

One of the projects associated with this effort is to create a designated 1-2 mile downtown walking trail. This trail would guide people throughout the downtown district, create an atmosphere downtown that makes visitors want to linger, and showcase the community as a destination to explore. Along with the obvious economic impact an expanded streetscape and downtown walking trail would have, there would also be the health benefit to the community. Obesity is an issue that affects the region greatly and by providing a safe, navigable, and an enticing greenspace area, the community could get up and move through organized walks and activities.*

The City of London, London Downtown, and the London Tree requested the assistance of the Community Design Assistance Center (CDAC) in creating a conceptual master plan for a walking trail in the downtown district.

Project team: Melissa Philen, Shane Gray, and Carter Gresham


* Taken from project application dated March 2015.

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