Prestonsburg, KY: Trail Town Conceptual Master Plan

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Trail Town Conceptual Master Plan

Prestonsburg is a city in and the county seat of Floyd County, Kentucky.* As of 2010, the population was around 3,255**.  It lies in the eastern part of the state, along the banks of the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River.

Within the city limits, there are several parks and trails. New trails are planned and being constructed. Access to these parks and trails by pedestrians, however, is lacking and not labeled well. With so many various trails that are new to Prestonsburg, identifying their locations is challenging for tourists, as well as residents that would like to be able to utilize them.

The City seeks to strengthen their trail connections to their natural resources and become a destination for outdoor recreation. By enhancing their trail system, providing connections to existing trail networks, and wayfinding signage, it hopes to capitalize on their natural, historic, and cultural assets and work toward becoming a “Trail Town”. Being able to tie some of these trails together, map them out, and then establish signage to direct tourists and locals to these trails would be a huge asset towards obtaining the Kentucky Trail Town designation.

CDAC worked with a stakeholders group and the community to develop an overall master plan of a connected trail network along with supporting designs, branding, and wayfinding signage that can help the City of Prestonsburg in becoming Trail Town. Final conceptual products include a regional trail master plan, a city trail master plan, and focus area designs with planting palettes.

Project team: Austin Chase, Joe Niland, Xiaofei Shi, and Daphne Williams

*; 10/3/15.


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