Radford, VA: Conceptual Plan for Trail Linkages

CDAC worked with the City of Radford and Pathways for Radford, a citizens group that promotes bikeways, walkways, and trails for the Radford area, to develop a conceptual plan for future trail linkages in the City.  Key destination points have been identified by users and interested citizens who have either attended a community meeting in September or given feedback in a survey distributed in December.  Information received was used to determine where residents think the most important destination points are and where they would most likely walk or ride if the paths were more conducive.  The CDAC team developed character sketches that depict general recommended character for the trail and stopping points. Radford’s Open Space Master Plan update provided a basic guideline in terms general potential trails corridors within the City, along with general possible linkage connections to adjacent communities.  Results were presented at a City Council meeting.  The products will be used by the City to include in funding proposals for updating the thoroughfare plan.

Project team:

Sponsors: City of Radford; Pathways for Radford

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